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Fruity Chia Seed Rooibos Ice Cubes

Are you in search of a revitalizing and nutritious beverage to quench your thirst and delight your palate? Consider crafting these easy-to-make ice cubes to enhance your sparkling water experience. Ideal for combating the heat on a summer day, it serves as a guaranteed crowd-pleaser or a welcoming drink. Crafting your own flavourful drinks at home is both effortless and fulfilling, free from the use of artificial colourings and preservatives.

Nutrition Information


26 kcal


0.5 g


4.9 g


3.5 g


0.8 g


1.1 g
Serves: 6 servings
Portion size: 1 large ice cube / 2 small ice cubes
Prep time: 10 minutes + overnight for freezing
Cooking time: 0 minutes

Ice cube tray

Torro Medsresso™ machine

Measuring cup

Medium jug

Measuring spoon

Cutting board



1 cup Medspresso™ CBD-Infused Rooibos Tea

1 tbsp Liviana™ CBD-Infused Honey

1 tbsp chia seeds

3 slices grapefruit, halved (can be replaced with an orange)

½ cup berries (blueberries or strawberries)

6 sprigs fresh mint

Edible flowers for garnish

Sparkling water


  1. Brew 1 cup Medspresso™ CBD-Infused Rooibos Tea, and add the Liviana™ CBD-Infused Honey and chia seeds.

  2. Place the halved grapefruit slices into the ice cubes with the berries and mint. Fill the ice cube tray with the tea mixture.

  3. Garnish with some edible flowers and place in the freezer overnight.

  4. Place the desired amount of ice cubes into a glass and fill with sparkling water.

  5. Enjoy as a beautiful and refreshing drink with your toes dipped into a pool on a sunny day.

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