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Are the ‘bugs’ living inside us the key to our health?

Shifting Focus: Meaningful Connections Food

Seasonal Ingredients:
Tastier, Healthier Dishes


Giving the Gifts
of 'Forget-me-nots'


Unlocking the
Secrets of the
Mediterranean Diet


Fake it until
you make it?


The ‘How Much’
& ‘How To’
guide to EVOO


Hypertension and How
to Manage it

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Effect of Honey on Cardiometabolic
Risk Factors

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Unveiling the
Components of the
Mediterranean Diet


Does it Deliver
the Goods?


Sprouting Hope: Harnessing the Power of Broccoli against Cancer




Rise & Shine:
The Benefits of Breakfast
for Your Health

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Diet And Your Mental Health: The Link Between Nutrition and Mood

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The Golden Elixir: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Nature’s Healthiest Oil


Explaining the
Human Endocannabinoid

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Endocannabinoid System Receptors and the Role of Cannabinoids

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How can CBD
be used to improve
mental health?

CBD COffee

How to use CBD
to get the most out
of your coffee

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Recommending weight loss to everyone who falls above a ‘normal BMI’?

water_image_m2biome (500x500)

Thirst for Knowledge:
Importance of

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The Surprising Connection Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Depression


Can your diet
influence your risk for
Alzheimer's Disease?

Coming Soon to M2Biome

Artificial Intelligence & Personalised Nutrition

M2Biome will be bringing machine learning to develop personalised nutrition plans for individuals to achieve optimal health.