About Us


Mission Statement

To provide products that improve health, performance, longevity, and quality of life, and that are evidence-based, of the highest quality, and environmentally sustainable. To provide health education to upskill and empower people to make informed decisions about nutrition and lead a healthy lifestyle.


The M2Biome division relates to all nutrition aspects of M2Bio Sciences. The aim is to provide products that meet the specific needs of various population groups that are evidence-based, of the highest quality, and environmentally sustainable. The division also aims to include a strong education component, to upskill and empower people to make informed decisions about what they eat and how
to lead the best lifestyle possible to achieve optimal health, performance, longevity, and quality of life.

Meet The Team

Managing Director

Nicola Royce

Simple. Fresh. Nutritious.

The key to following a balanced eating plan, and my mantra. I have been practicing farm-to-fork since I was born, having grown up on a farm in Zimbabwe. My obsession with plants, love of food, and overall thirst for knowledge in the sciences serendipitously lead me to becoming a dietitian.

I am passionate about healthy food with a focus on making sure that it’s not only good for you, but delicious too. I believe that simplifying core nutrition concepts should enable everyone to follow a healthy eating pattern, made up of great tasting foods, and achieve optimal health and longevity.

I have a special interest in diabetes and related co-morbidities, and I am a strong advocate for their prevention, management and possible remission. I love to show people that they can go healthy and still be happier overall.

My mission – to educate and empower!

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Wilna Eksteen

As a foodie, mom of two girls, and practicing dietitian, I have gained substantial experience in how people connect with food, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have experience working in a clinical environment, health product industry, recipe writing, and product development.

I am absolutely passionate about sustainability and how it can be achieved for everyday living. Recycling, reusing, reducing, composting, bokashi, rainwater harvesting, greywater harvesting, worm farms, vegetable gardens, chicken coops, you name it, I have tried it.

My goal is to simplify cooking using ‘clean’ nutritious ingredients. The dishes will be tasty, beneficial to your well-being, and promote a healthy holistic lifestyle. As a cardiometabolic product developer, I hope to bring the most amazing and nutritious products for you to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Educating about facts, having fun, and enjoying food will be the focus.

Coming Soon to M2Biome

Artificial Intelligence & Personalised Nutrition

M2Biome will be bringing machine learning to develop personalised nutrition plans for individuals to achieve optimal health.