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Homemade Sourkraut

Fermented foods are foods that have been transformed by the action of microorganisms, such as bacteria, into products with different flavours, textures, and nutritional qualities. Fermented foods have many gut-related benefits and support a healthy gut microbiota. Homemade sauerkraut is something that you can make and benefit from in your own home. Such an easy technique to a apply to basic ingredient to get heaps of health benefits!

Nutrition Information


26 kcal


1.6 g



6.1 g



3.9 g



0.1 g



2.5 g


Serves: 8
Portion size: ¼ cup
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 7-10 days fermentation period

Cutting board


Large mixing bowl

2 x 300 ml glass jars


½ medium cabbage head

1½ tsp salt


  1. Sterilise the glass jars and set aside. This can be done by washing the jars in warm, soapy water, rinsing, and placing in an oven at 140°C for 10 minutes until dry.

  2. Keep 2 pieces of large cabbage aside.

  3. Very thinly slice the cabbage and place it in a large mixing bowl.

  4. Add the salt and start working the salt into the cabbage. Rub the leaves for 5 minutes. This will release quite a bit of liquid. The leaves will break into smaller pieces and become a bit translucent. If the liquid seems too little to cover the sliced cabbage, rub it a bit more.

  5. Place the cabbage into the glass jars. Divide the liquid equally into the jars. Press the sliced cabbage down in the jars with a spoon to make sure the liquid covers the cabbage.

  6. Take one of the whole cabbage leaves and use it to press the sliced cabbage down and to keep it down. Repeat with the second jar.

  7. Close the lids and place in a cool area out of direct sunlight.

  8. "Burp" the jars by opening it twice a day for the first 7 days. The cabbage will make small bubbles everytime you open it. The fermentation process can take up to 10 days depending on the ambient temperature. Remove the top leaf after 10 days and store in the refrigerator to stop the fermentation process.
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