After performing a show at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco on June 2, Led Zeppelin encountered bad turbulence on a flight back to Los Angeles. Love the pic with a dove. I am very jealous. They could base themselves in large cities and travel to and from concerts within flying distance. 24. r/ledzeppelin. I was happy with it, but you know what? The first show on May 26 featured the Grateful Dead, and the next weekend Led Zeppelin drew 50,000 to the stadium. . This is certainly worth havoing though. RT @60sPsychJukebox: .largest outdoor concert at Watkins Glen, New York with The Band, Grateful Dead, and The Allman Brothers Band. The British rock group Led Zeppelin drew 50,000 rock fans who paid $320,000 at Kezar Stadium last weekend. [7], Three sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City that concluded the tour were filmed for a motion picture, but the theatrical release of this project (The Song Remains the Same) was delayed until 1976. Bob Dylan Without A Ticket (Thinman-151/152), Elton John Flip It Over (Mighty Fishy MF01-107), Paul McCartney Oakland, Sunday, May 8th, 2022 (Nanker Dog 005). (modern). I remember standing there absolutely mesmerized by just how fucking amazingly good they were. Having sex in public now would likely get you added to the sex offender list in your county these days. The Kezarconcertwas a daytime show and Led Zeppelin were supported by Roy Harper, The Tubes and Lee Michaels. Plant intoning I believe in the spirit during the SF interlude in Dazed is pure magic. Led Zeppelin's shows evolved from those on previous tours, with the introduction of dry ice, laser effects, backdrop mirrors, hanging mirror balls and Catherine wheel pyrotechnics. The tour took place shortly after the release of Led Zeppelin's chart-topping fifth album, Houses of the Holy. The latter song was pruned back after the European dates earlier in the year, the band largely dispensing with the lengthy medleys and including just The Crunge and John Lee Hookers Boogie Chillen during most shows ofthe American Tour. Japan. In 2001 a soundboardfragment lasting a little under half-an-hour and including approximately fifteen minutes of the drum solo,appeared on Imperial Kezar (Electric Magic), edited with the audience recording. In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson wins the FINAL honorable mentions round! The dove landed on Roberts hand. The tremendous momentum is maintained with a crunchingCelebration Day and a thunderous Black Dog which here, as elsewhere on the tour,gains a few bars of Bring It On Home as an introduction. Watch on YouTube Kezar Stadium - June 2, 1973 8mm footage of Led Zeppelin performing at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, 1973. 29 Apr 2023 14:59:30 The stadium's name is a homophone of "KEY-czar". [14], I remember that tour rather like the lyrics to "The Battle of Evermore". Led Zeppelin - Live in San Francisco 1973 (Rare Film Series) Led Zeppelin 3.01M subscribers 1.5M views 14 years ago Rare 8mm footage of Led Zeppelin performing at Kezar Stadium in. To this day this concert ranks, by far, as the most amazing performance by musicians Ive ever seen. It was truly one of the best performances I have ever seen. Tee, posting on the official Led Zeppelinwebsite, argues that, it was excellentthe show itself was just spectacular in every respect. Pete MacDonald adds that, to this day this concert ranks, by far, as the most amazing performance by musicians Ive ever seen, and Matt Roberts calls it a seminal show. Also on the bands site, in addition to his own,Argenteum Astrumenthuses, a really big outdoor festival show and one of the greatest concerts ever! RT @60sPsychJukebox: .largest outdoor concert at Watkins Glen, New York with The Band, Grateful Dead, and The Allman Brothers Band. Then we hear the two numbers which open Houses Of the Holy, then the bands latest album. I was a guitar player in a rock band that played in a bar a couple of times on Haight Street, and the idea that I was going to see the Gods of Rock play at a slightly larger venue in the neighborhood made me feel like one of the luckiest people on the planet. As gsparaco (who considers the sound quality excellent)points out in his review of the Wendy release, the taper was very close to the stage and is able to capture every little detail emanating from the stage that afternoon. All audience-sourced releases derive from the same tape; most are broadly similar and are rated as excellent by Argenteum Astrumon Led Zeppelin Database. I must say that the audience source sounds very good and the packaging of the Godfather release is fantastic. Led Zeppelin arrived extremely late for their performance and hurried on to the stage, only to find the start of the show held up by an equipment malfunction, so we hear Robert Plant talking to the audience for a while, before deciding to leave the stage. There was absolutely no negative vibe or tension anywhere. But Zeppelin in full flight was an incredibly intense experience."[16]. However, Persistence Kezar(Holy) is clearly inferior in terms of sound. !GREAT TO SEE THE PICS AND HEAR THE STORIES!! [url=]Edit this setlist[/url] | [url=]More Led Zeppelin setlists[/url], Setlist History: Led Zeppelin's First North American Performance. you cant go wrong with having both. Led Zep's record breaking concert attendance 4th & 5 May 1973 Led Zeppelin had just released their fifth album 'Houses of the Holy',. We ended up in New York and the only thing that I could relate to was the instrument onstage. Thank you so much for posting! Flying on The Starship, Led Zeppelin were now no longer required to change hotels so often. Kezar Stadium is a stadium located in the southeastern corner of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. dancing hippies kezar stadium kpix 112452 led zeppelin psychedelic rock concerts About This Item Description Additional Information KPIX Eyewitness news report from June 2nd 1973 featuring brief, silent scenes of a large crowd enjoying a rock concert by the group Led Zeppelin at Kezar Stadium in San Francisco. Anyway, Robert Plants a real hippy at heart, so the idea was that at the end of Stairway to Heaven, wed release the doves and theyd fly off into the air as a homage to peace and love. [4][5] In total, this tour grossed over $4,000,000 (US$24,416,792 in 2021 dollars[3]).[1]. It is rated as merely good to very good by Argenteum Astrum, who states, this is the worst sounding of all June 2, 1973 releases. Susumu Omi, on Underground Uprising, is even blunter, stating, HORRIBLE!..sound quality is much more inferior to both Persistence [LP]and Vibes are Real. I have a friend who flew a few times on the plane, and it was as wile as described in the book Hammer of the Gods. Heres the story from Wikipedia: It was also during this tour that Led Zeppelin hired for the first time The Starship a former United Airlines Boeing 720B passenger jet. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. I mean, when I came back from the last tour I didn't know where I was. A Celebration For Being Who you Are (Godfatherecords G.R. It is the former home of the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL, and of the San Francisco Dragons of the MLL. Wendy has recently reissued Mary Kezar in new packaging, featuring the same photograph as the newGodfather release on the front cover. With Zeppelin on everybodys mind, especially at that point, he didnt stand much of a chance. It is interesting to hear live recordings from the tour, how Robert Plant sings some of the songs in a lower pitch than the records, not surprising, he must have been wearing out his voice. Promoted by Bill Graham, it was their only concert with support with Roy Harper and Lee Michaels and The Tubes opening. He stands there with a cigarette and beer in hand, and the bird, and a bemused look on his face. Somebody else wrote here about how cool the people were that day and I agree. .largest outdoor concert at Watkins Glen, New York with The Band, Grateful Dead, and The Allman Brothers Band. But we just kept trying, pushing forward, every show. People often ask how wild it was, but I always say the same thing: If youre using wild as a metaphor for sex and drugs, then it was wilder far wilder being on the road with REO Speedwagon. Dont forget, Id been hired to do a job. Since Ive Been Loving You is a very effective performance with an excellent vocal turn by Plant and atmospheric keyboards from John Paul Jones. Really fast. Me, my brother, Paul, and a couple of friends left home at about 9:30 that morning and walked over to Kezar. 1973 San Francisco / United States / Kezar Stadium June 3, 1973 Los Angeles / United States / The Forum July 6, 1973 Chicago / United States / Chicago Stadium July 7, 1973 . It was phenomenal though the audience reaction was just so with us, yknow. Photograph: Neal Preston My best shot Photography Ive seen the photo of Robert Plant holding the white dove maybe thats where Im getting this idea. 0:00 / 1:29:45 Led Zeppelin - Live in Tempe, AZ (July 20th, 1977) Led Zeppelin Boots 40.9K subscribers Subscribe 7.9K views 1 year ago As requested by TAFCIA, here is what some consider to. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Whendetails of the Godfatherappeared on the Recent Updatespage ofhis Led Zeppelin Database website, Argenteum Astrum stated, the title presents a mix of audience and soundboard sources and is reported as a truly definitive and speed/pitch corrected version of this excellent show. Posting a comment on the News & New Releases section of CMR Argenteum Astrum goes on to say that, this is a hugeimprovement over few past titles, such as Mary Kezar (Wendy) or Imperial Kezar (Electric Magic). Top Genres. Led Zeppelin - Kezar Stadium SF USA, June 2 1973. Nobody else could have pulled that off without looking pretentious. A storming version of Heartbreaker, complete withlengthy guitar work from Page,opens the third disc and this is followed by an equally exciting Whole Lotta Love. michaelcm53 New Submission. Each Zeppelin ticket was really unique, I only have a Seattle 77 ticket (and all my stubs from every gig I've seen - starting with Robert Plant in 1983) and have been searching for the Reykjavik ticket forever. Rehearsals took place at Old Street Film Studios in London. KRON-TV & CBS News film news reports from the show. Its an excellent sounding recording of a show from an outdoor venue. Subscribe to join the Led Zeppelin YouTube community and check back for new uploads, product announcements, and updates from the bandLed Zeppelin formed in 1968 and went on to become one of the most influential, innovative, and successful groups in modern music, having sold more than 300 million albums worldwide. Four songs from the show (Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, Communication Breakdown andThe Ocean) appear onLed Zeppelin:The Butterqueen (Unbelievable) and the complete show features on Vibes Are Real (Continental Sounds), Takka Takka (Tarantura), Persistence Kezar (Holy), Persistence (Cobla),Two Days After (Immigrant), Best Vibes In Frisco (Jelly Roll), Whos Next? Led Zeppelin 's 1973 North American Tour was the ninth concert tour of North America by the English rock band. The overall result is a full, clear and dynamic sound which results in a satisfying listening experience. The fairly typical set list for the tour was: Encores (variations of the following list): There were some set list substitutions, variations, and order switches during the tour. Thousands in the audience are in view behind him, it is an amazing picture that Plant himself said was his favorite. It is the former home of the Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers of the NFL, and of the San Francisco Dragons of the MLL. In 1969, Led Zeppelin released its self-titled debut which was produced by Page, as were all the subsequent albums. Excellent bloody pictures. Its a look of calm, understanding and respect. 29 Apr 2023 15:32:26 It is the former hom. 3 CDr, Unofficial Release. 1973 - First Leg US Tour Dates Ad. Kezar Stadium was one of the last of the shows that Plant sang in his high register, in the following years it declined from abuse. Im sorry about that strange, er,whatever it was, says Plant. You guys choose all the albums in this list, I'm glad you voted til the end. I recall them wearing huge cowboy hats, chaps, and maybe one of them was even twirling a lasso? That stage is their nation state, their Vatican City. The sound isnt amplified, the speed/pitch seems to be corrected and splice between audience and soundboard are done in a truly perfect way, not missing any note from actual show! Godfather states that work has been done on the tape to eliminate fluctuations in sound and to reduce wind problems, an obvious potential hazard with an outdoor concert. Below is James Fortunes photo of Robert Plant with the dove on his hand. Although the 2 hour show Saturday was 6,000 short of capacity, listeners blanketed the football field and stands. 636/637/638), Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA, USA 2 June 1973, Disc 1: Opening Anouncements, Rock And Roll, Celebration Day, [Bring It On Home Intro/]Black Dog, Over The Hills And Far Away, Misty Mountain Hop, Since Ive Been Loving You, No Quarter, The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Disc 2: Dazed And Confused [inc. San Francisco], Stairway To Heaven, Moby Dick, Disc 3: Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love [Inc. Hodges states that, Jimmy Page played his red Gibson EDS-1275 Double Neck guitar during a monumental version of Stairway to Heaven. . They flew out over the crowd, blowing everybodys mind. Godfather releases the best version to date of this energetic show that I never get tired of hearing. Neal Preston's best photograph: Robert Plant catches a dove, s far as I know, Im the only person ever to be, a picture I took of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. Fossilized plants including palm and olive from Caldera of Thera. As a result, Grant resolved to hire The Starship for the remainder of the tour, at a cost of $30,000. including a California record 39,304 at Kezar stadium, San Francisco, June 2. Led Zeppelin's 1973 North American Tour was the ninth concert tour of North America by the English rock band. To be honest, I think they were probably just white pigeons but we called them doves so lets stick with that. USA 2nd June 1973 Click Image To Enlarge After playing the Robert Plant, Kazaa Stadium named after the Fillmore time since It was the same San Francisco venue that I played in such a good feeling . [1] The resulting tour broke box office records across North America. Careful Axeman Eugene on New releases from Blind Faith, Clapton, Kiss, & Judas Priest! The tour was divided into two legs, with performances commencing on 4 May and concluding on 29 July 1973. Over 600,000 paying ticket-holders were in attendance. Likewise the soundboard recording does not soundharsh as the previous two titles.Godfathers A Celebration For Being Who You Are presents the audience tape with the soundboard onlybeing utilized to fill gaps where appropriate, including the Bill Graham outroduction, which the taper did not capture. mike. It was the second large rock concert in a week at Kezar. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2018 CD release of "Kezar Stadium 1973" on Discogs. Tour statistics [1] This increase in on-stage theatricality was later referred to by Page during an interview he gave to rock journalist Mick Wall: Originally, we saw the whole essence of our live performance as something that the audience listened to very carefully, picking up on what was going on, the spontaneity and musicianship. hollister return policy after 60 days,

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